Sexual Self-Care Ritual


Sexual Self-Care is a radical movement to include your sexuality in your self-care, and I want to invite you in...

A sexual self-care practice is a luscious thing you do every day or almost every day that keeps you sexually vibrant and alive. It helps you remember your power, your magnetic beauty, and your humanity.

I believe sexual self-care is a revolutionary movement!

Much like yoga and wellness was 20-30 years ago, the world is now beginning to awaken to healing sexuality on a personal and global level.

We need self-care in order to go deep into these processes and start loving our essential selves, and to break free of the conditioning and trauma imprinted on our sexuality.

I truly believe that taking care of your sexuality, just like taking care of your body, creating meaningful relationships, or eating the foods you love, is the key to healing the world!

Sexual Self-Care Rituals are a way to encourage the connection to your sexual self without pressure for orgasm or partnering. Because I believe that sexuality HEALS and desire FREES, these rituals move energy to bring lightness and movement in your immunity, a depth to your power, and a liberation to your deepest needs and desires.


A sexual self-care ritual can take many forms: using The Cosmic Egg, Pussy or Penis massage with yourself or a partner, Pussy breathing, Breast Massage, wild pussy dancing, and speaking to your breasts and pussy during the day can all be part of a ritual. A ritual is an act of bringing attention and ceremony to something, and in this case, it is your sexual nature.

Truly, the simplest and easiest sexual self care ritual is to look at your pussy in the mirror.

Grab a hand mirror, stand or squat or sit on the edge of a comfortable area naked, and look at your beauty.

For me, once I started this ritual, there was a LOT of shame. Icky, disgusting, and quite frankly mean voices that wanted to take over really started creeping in when I sat and looked.

I just let these voices flow out, and put my hand over my heart. If it was too much, I didn’t force myself to continue. Slowly, but surely, I came to love looking at her. At me.

After a month or so, I started being able to notice subtle pieces, colors, and skin that needed attention.

I started telling her I loved her. It felt really weird at first, but then, like melting snow, I started to feel my pussy warming up, shining back at me.

Beaming that she LOVED the special attention.

And this beamy, gooey feeling started spilling into my day.


There was just something so good, so important, about taking even 10 seconds to notice my pussy, to say hi, to blow her a kiss or send her an inner smile. I found myself feeling better in my clothes, and in my skin.

I felt wilder in bed, and more radiant overall. This small step led me into new levels of growth with my body and more resonance with my wants and needs.

If you want to start, I encourage you to get a hand mirror and start the process.

You’d be surprised how much your pussy appreciates your loving gaze and words! 

give it a try, and reach out if you feel stuck or want to share your celebrations...

xo, lydia rose




Lydia Rose Dolan