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I've had the pleasure to experience a few of the Wild + Vibrant products and have been truly astonished by how they have tapped and tuned me into the intuitive truths and needs of my body. The Cosmic Egg infused with Organic Colorado CBD oil is indeed like the most delicious dessert - a luscious loving ritual to myself. Before using the Wild + Vibrant line of products I had never realized how little I lavish love and attention on myself - often just going through the motions of "self-care". In particular, the Arcline Radiant Breast Massage Oil added a delightful sensory experience to my massage routine. The delicate blend of flowers, herbs and oils turn my practice into a sacred, ethereal experience. These Wild + Vibrant products have given me the opportunity to spend time with myself in a way I've never done before, truly tapping into my vital life force, and the power of my sexual energy in a way that leaves me feeling fully empowered and embodied throughout the following day and beyond. 

I can’t wait to try more...

During my consult with Lydia Rose, I felt completely held and supported. Her words and silences helped foster the loving baseline for me to continue this sacred healing on my own. The personalized tincture that she made based on our conversation has added even more richness to my daily self-care rituals. The yummy tingly sweetness of the linden honey mixed with motherwort, calendula  and chamomile gives me a pause to ground and settle into myself, lightening my spirit and calming my mood as I go about my day.

I can't wait to try more of the Wild + Vibrant line and continue this healing work with her!

Ariel T, artist +  independent filmmaker

Lydia Rose blows your mind with her radical, loving approach to healing and self knowledge.

Julia S, Female Health Coach, Designer, and Yoga Maven

I am completely infatuated with the entire Wild + Vibrant line. Lydia Rose is truly a master of her craft. Each product is so well curated and no detail is spared. I love the awareness and intention that these products bring to self care rituals. These products enhance your relationship with your partner, but above all enhance your relationship with yourself. It feels impossible for me to pick a favorite product so I will talk about my favorite two. The Arcline Breast Massage Oil is truly divine. I love the way this product smells and feels on my skin. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy. I am also infatuated with the “Open" play syrup. This syrup is absolutely exquisite. This syrup was instantly warming, invigorating, and made me feel quite euphoric. I enjoyed this syrup on its own and also added it to a fancy cocktail. I am over the moon about Wild + Vibrant and am eager to see how this line of products evolves.

Jamie H, Holistic Doula


From the moment I first held the cosmic eggs and breast massage oil in my hands, I could feel how abundantly their creator had given of herself to make them. The love & tenderness living in these creations beckons me towards deeper love & tenderness for myself. Integrating these magical medicines into my self-care ritual has inspired a softer approach to my self: to hold with fresh curiosity and delight my pleasure and my aches, my love and my longing. wild + vibrant is so revolutionary because it gives women back the keys to our inner universe (yoni-verse?!). It’s playful, luscious, and nourishing—qualities I’ve found essential to unlocking and unblocking pathways into that lush and limitless beauty of the feminine, of my own whole self.

Opal, Poet

Wild Goddess!! Reaching out to exclaim the ecstatic experience I had with the Valley oil and Fear, Love + Trust ritual plus some love elixir magic. Had such a magical night with my partner. Thank you! 

Jessie B., Herbalist