The Vibrant Pulse Tonic

The Vibrant Pulse Tonic


//a daily/weekly elixir to mist on your vulva + mons; brings relief, bacterial and yeast balance, and cooling moisture... purify + clear your space



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A luscious tonic designed specifically to shift and bring tissues back into balance, and crafted to soothe and soften irritations. Use after beauty ritual such as waxing/sugaring/shaving, to calm tissue and encourage smooth skin.

A proprietary blend of ethically wildcrafted vulnerary flowers infused in cider, a rich and thick marshmallow witch hazel, plus solar and lunar flower essences hand blended with incredible brightening hydrosols, has the ability to leave your pussy emerging with strength and shine. Feel free to spray on face + body after yoga, workout, or any activity where you feel the need to freshen, cleanse, and moisten at the same time. Truly earth crafted luxury for your skin.

Crafted with // Solar + Lunar Infused Organic Raw Small-Batch Apple Cider Vinegar with Wildcrafted, Organic, and/or Ayurvedically grown Motherwort, Juniper, Sage, Calendula Blossoms, Chamomile, and Wild Red Rose Petals, Solar + Lunar Infused Organic Witch Hazel with Organic Marshmallow Root and Hibiscus Flowers, Biodynamic Rose Geranium Hydrosol, Organic Rama Tulsi Hydrosol, Monarda Flower Essence, Radish Root Ferment, and Gem Essences of Chalcedony and Jasper

30ml ultraviolet glass