The Valley

The Valley


//an ecstatic and expansive oil, for delight and play... transmission + transcendence. 


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A incredibly delicious oil made for play and delight. Rub all over yourself or others in wild abandon or focused attention for a golden liquid honey feeling. Experience pleasure + intimacy with a buzzing presence and clarity. Infused with Kava Root to calm the nerves and drop into the body, Damiana and Wild Rose for heart opening and libido awakening, Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD for muscle tension, and Essences of Kyanite, Oyster Shell, and Raw Pink Pearl to remember you can dive deep and find what you've been waiting for below. 

Ingredients// Solar + Lunar Infused Biodynamic Olive Oil with Wildcrafted, Organic, and/or Ayurvedically grown herbs of Kava Kava Root, Damiana, Wild Red Rose Petals, Cardamom Pod, Vanilla Bean, Rama Tulsi, Saigon Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Raw Fair Trade Cacao Nib and Butter, Organic Colorado Cannabidiol, and Essences of Kyanite, Oyster Shell, and Raw Pink Pearl. 

50ml ultraviolet glass