A lovers box for this Gemini Moon… a smoke, botanical pleasure, and limited edition tincture.

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For the Gemini New moon, inspired by lazy days and nights in summer storms and rolling around kissing in the grass, with products designed to

//enrapture, awaken, sensitize, empower, enrich, and delight//

Included is a SPECIAL, limited edition 2oz tincture blend with Mezcal from Garcia Morales Ranch, set in the rolling hills of the Oaxacan sierra- infused with fragrant fresh Wild Roses from a dear friend, the most spectacular smoky thick + resinous raw shatavari roots, bright lunar infused Rosewater from a small family farm on the islands of Washington coast, and an homemade ocotillo bark honey from my time in Joshua Tree with a splash of Lion’s Mane Triple Extraction.

This incredible tincture is fully available to remind us of our love, balance hormones, connect our sexual roots to our brains, release any “spongey” energetics, protect and release sexual trauma, and envelop us in our own barks, thorns, petals, and roots. I only have a small amount of these tinctures and they are incredibly precious small batch medicine. The mezcal itself is made with an absolute land reverence and smoked with fresh sage and other wild medicinals to bring a taste unlike anything else on earth.

Also included in the box is my NEW bloodsong blend, now crafted with 17% cbd hemp flower for the most potent aphrodisiac smoking blend, as well as the coveted Valley which now has 20% of small-batch California grown single flower 1000mg cbd hemp flower

a blend for a depth of sexual wellness + pleasure experience.

This potent box is available for $129, for self-love or more expansive lovership

Only available until Friday June 7th or until we sell out.