Fourchette Birth Initiation Oil

Fourchette Birth Initiation Oil


//perfect for perineal massage + anointing to connect to your pussy pre-birth


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For a sacred ritual with a trusted lover, partner, or friend pre-birth, initiate yourself and massage your fourchette, a beautiful bed of female erectile tissue which needs to grow and stretch in your upcoming birth. Designed with gentle, loving oils and flowers, made to bring angelic presence and powerful strength to the area.

Evening Primrose flower, leaf, seed, and oil heals and relaxes, while Wild Red Roses bring a beauty and sacredness to this preperation. Use the Essence of Angel Quartz to program your intention for an empowering birth experience. Initiate yourself.

Crafted with // Solar + Lunar infused Biodynamic Olive Oil with Wildcrafted, Organic and/or Ayurvedically grown Wild Red Roses, Linden flower, Evening Primrose flower and leaf, Frankincense, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, and Essence of Angel Quartz.

50ml ultraviolet glass