Brume Ritual Pelvic Steam Blends

Brume Ritual Pelvic Steam Blends


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Four distinct Ritual Pelvic Steam blends for full spectrum sexual wellness

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From sexual trauma, to healing postpartum, to balanced vaginal microbiome balance, to increased pleasure + delight- NOTHING has been more supportive to me or my clients than Ritual Pelvic Steaming. Truly the people’s gyn//ecology, these blends are designed for personal ritual use.

Combining nourishing, balancing, restoring, and cleansing herbs into medicinal water vapor is a healing erotic art, harnessed in these blends for true power.

For your sexual wellness, find these four blends designed with different needs in mind, to be used on different moons as you wish.

Four distinct Rituals:

Balsamic //reflect + rest 

Gibbous //refine +  hone

Crescent //move + release

Full //illuminate + nourish

All of these blends are designed with sustainability and regional respect- the quality of the herbs in these blends are breathtaking. Some hand gathered by me, many grown by small earth and land tenders or wildcrafted ethically. You can FEEL the power of these herbs and their potency. These herbs are of a different caliber- fresher, land connected, incredible quality.

Each comes in a large, heirloom quality UV protective miron glass apothecary jar from Europe that you can re-use for herbs, oils, or delightful magic.

Balsamic//reflect + rest :: organic, wildcrafted, and/or ayurvedically grown herbs of Ocotillo, Roses, Mugwort, Oregano, Yarrow, Hawthorn leaf + berry, Orchid flower essence, Rose quartz essence.

Gibbous//refine +  hone :: organic, wildcrafted, and/or ayurvedically grown herbs of Motherwort, Roses, Calendula, Burdock, Juniper, Thyme, Piñon, Cottonwood buds, Monarda flower essence

Crescent //move + release :: organic, wildcrafted, and/or ayurvedically grown herbs of Damiana, Roses, Rosemary , Lemon peel, Mugwort, Angelica root, Cardamom pod, Cinnamon stick, Datura flower essence, Ground ivy flower essence 

Full//Illuminate + Nourish :: organic, wildcrafted, and/or ayurvedically grown herbs of Corn silk, Elderflower, Roses, Comfrey Leaf, Chamomile , Jasmine flower, Borage flower, Blackberry leaf, Marshmallow root, Apple blossom flower essence 

500ml Glass-on-glass UV miron Apothecary jar