Molten: wild + vibrant sexual magic sessions


wild, ecstatic, blissful! Authentic sexuality is a return to truth and the core of our being.

A wild + vibrant sexual health session is an invitation to celebrate yourself and open to your power. For a lot of folks, it can feel wrong to be big, bright, and bold… yet when you celebrate your sexuality you are saying YES to yourself and to the world. Our desires are little prayers, little whispers-- impulses toward that which feels good! With gentle encouragement, Lydia Rose guides the client towards more self-love and desire.

Using ritual and guided exercises, the session unwinds the nervous system and reveals layers of wholeness towards embodied pleasure. A sexual self-care practice is co-created specifically for the client to begin at home, which may include breast massage, jade egg, cervical release, cock massage, breathwork, and other sexual magic practices focusing on the freedom and beauty of your desire and intention. Leave feeling lighter, blessed, and fierce in your potent magnetism. Each client is gifted with a wild + vibrant product for continued sexual nourishment.

This is an all-inclusive practice that supports and honors the identities of all.





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