What is wild + vibrant sexual ecology?

Sexual Ecology is a state of vibrant sexual health. We believe that everyone is perfect at their core, and yet so many systems, especially around sexuality, are built on the foundation that something is wrong with you and that you need to be fixed. We believe that vibrant sexual ecology, through the use of sexual self-care and ritual, can lead you to experience the innate wholeness and perfection of YOU.

Our products and services are oriented towards recovering the wholeness within you-- by working with your own sexual energy and the energy of the plants, gemstones, and ultimately the earth herself. With these energies you are invited to awaken the sensation of your unique desires and needs felt through the sexual body, and follow them to your heart. We believe that for women and men to connect to their sexual wholeness and embodiment creates a fuller, richer life experience and the ability to heal each other and change the world.


What is the Cosmic Egg?

The Cosmic Egg is an invitation to connect with your pussy, and nourish your pleasure... We believe the vagina is beautiful, self-cleaning, and whole. While the majority of the time a woman can relax knowing the vagina is in balance and the tissues feel healthy, there is a sacredness that using a Cosmic Egg can bring to your own self-care and your relationship with your sexuality that is magical and revolutionary! Just as you would prepare yourself a luscious bath, or give yourself a delicious home facial, you can put a Cosmic Egg in, lie down, and let it melt as an act of deep caring for your body and your sexual self. During this time we encourage you to relax, to FEEL, and to listen to your vagina. Or just read, journal, or dream. Its a time for you and your pussy to come into alignment, with no pressure for orgasm, turn on, or anything else that isn’t quintessentially YOU.

If you struggle with feeling your vagina, numbness, or pain, The Comic Egg can bring your body into more resonance, and more feeling. If you struggle with dryness or lack of lubrication, The Cosmic Egg has been formulated specifically to bring a natural feeling of pleasurable turn-on to the tissues. If you struggle with feeling off balance, The Cosmic Egg is ph balanced and designed to restore and feed the tissues to ensure health and vitality, soothe irritation, and encourage your best flora balance.


Can the Cosmic Egg be used as lube?

The Cosmic Egg also makes an incredibly discreet and empowering lube for self-pleasure or with a partner. By using herbs and gemstones from the earth, The Cosmic Egg is also a radical way to remember that we are all a part of the earth, and that the earth welcomes and prioritizes your own healing and pleasure. In fact, your pleasure, your sexuality, heals the earth! That is how powerful sexual energy is, and your unique sexual energy is incredibly sacred.

Above all, The Cosmic Egg is an invitation to bring a nourishing moment of attention to your pussy in a way that nothing else can, and to just make you feel GOOD about your vagina. It is beautiful! You are beautiful.

How are these formulated?

Lydia Rose wildcrafts an abundance of herbs and flowers when the season is just right, from her favorite wild and sacred spots. These herbs and flowers are put in the very finest of ingredients. We also purchase dried and fresh herbs from trusted growers and ayurvedic farmers. We use California and/or Italian biodynamic small batch Olive Oil, Witch Hazel distilled from a small farm in Michigan, Small Batch Raw Local Apple Cider Vinegar, raw fair trade exquisite Cocoa Butter, and traditionally wet-milled Coconut Oil, as well as raw, cold pressed oils from only the most trusted small sustainable sources. All tinctures contain non-gmo organic alcohol, (small batch brands when available), wildcrafted, organic, or ayurvedically grown herbs, and raw local honey. All gemstones are cleared after every batch, and Lydia Rose has taken care to procure gemstones and minerals from sustainable miners and harvesters, and many she has found herself. These oils, herbs, and gemstones all undergo ritual and magic with Solar and Lunar infusions and energetic ceremony to infuse the highest intention behind these potent creations. Each batch is infused with intentions for sexual sovereignty, radical self-care, intimate connection, and transformation.


What is pussy or penis massage?

Partnered/Solo pussy or penis massage is an incredible sexual self-care ritual. Please see my writings here about pussy massage, and here about penis massage how to do this ritual.

Will These Cause Yeast/Other Imbalances?

Each batch is specifically formulated to shift imbalances back into balance. The Cosmic Egg has been designed and tested as a weekly ritual by women for over a year without any issues or imbalances. In fact, the opposite happens, the tissues become healthier and more resilient.

All sexual massage oils, birth oils, the vibrant pulse tonic, and anointing oils have been designed for daily use without disturbing the delicate flora. Because they are incredibly potent, only a small amount on the vulva/mons or shaft is needed to start daily anointing, self, or partnered massage.

If you are struggling with recurrent imbalances and/or infections, Lydia Rose can blend custom batches of pussy steaming herbs to address your needs. Please contact her here


What is sexual self-care? What are sexual self-care rituals?

Sexual Self-Care is a movement to include your sexuality in your self-care. A sexual self-care practice is something you do every day or almost every day that keeps you sexually vibrant and alive. It helps you remember your power, your magnetic beauty, and your humanity. We believe sexual self-care is a revolutionary movement! Much like yoga was 20 years ago, the world is beginning to awaken to healing sexuality on a personal and global level. We need self-care in order to go deep into these processes and start loving our essential selves, and to break free of conditioning and trauma imprinted on our sexuality. We truly believe that taking care of your sexuality, just like taking care of your body, creating meaningful relationships, or eating the foods you love, is the key to healing the world!

Sexual Self-Care Rituals are a way to encourage the connection to your sexual self without pressure for orgasm or partnering. Because we believe that sexuality HEALS and desire FREES, these rituals move energy to bring lightness and movement in your immunity, a depth to your power, and a liberation to your deepest needs and desires.

A sexual self-care ritual can take many forms: using The Cosmic Egg, Pussy or Penis massage with your self or a partner, Pussy breathing, Breast Massage, wild pussy dancing, and speaking to your breasts and pussy during the day can all be part of a ritual. A ritual is an act of bringing attention and ceremony to something, and in this case, it is your sexual nature.

To get more ideas for juicy sexual self-care rituals, please see my blog post here.


How can I learn breast massage?

It’s incredibly easy! You can do it for 15 seconds or take an hour, completely up to you. Lydia Rose often practices in the shower or bath, or while getting ready in the morning. For a detailed description, you can find my guide to the sexual self-care ritual here.


What are Lydia Rose's credentials?

In the physical realm, Lydia Rose has trained with many mentors and had life experiences that have shown her deep compassion, humility, and sculpted her power and passion. Some of her teachers include:

*600 hr whole health ayurvedic practitioner training, western herbalism, and ayurvedic massage, Dhyana Center of Sebastopol, California with DeAnna Batdorff (honorary member)

*600 hr Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching at The Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin (in process 2017-2019)

*9 month Herbal Apprenticeship with intuitive and community herbalist Jessie Belden, Herban Vagabond

*600 hr cooking and culinary traditions apprenticeship, Three Stone Hearth Community Supported Kitchen and Living School with Jessica Prentice

*Jade Egg intensive training at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin

*Intuitive Plant Medicine and herbalism with Asia Suler

*private sexuality, breath work, sound healing, and tantric massage coaching on Big Island, Hawaii 

From a rich life perspective, Lydia Rose has come through to the other side of many seasons of scorpio death and rebirth, living many lifetimes of healing crises and understanding the key to our wholeness is radical self-love, community, and acceptance. Lydia Rose chooses now to focus on Sexual Ecology and radical radiance because she has discovered that is the root to what she has found in herself and in others as a barrier to wholeness.


Who created this beautiful website and brand? 

Julia Starr of juliastarrdesigns.com built, designed and maintains the website. Conor Dolan (Lydia Rose's partner) of Side Wise Design is the graphic design mastermind behind the logo, landing page backsplash, product labels and beyond.

What is your turnaround time and refund policy?

We process orders as they are received; crafting small batch orders is our pride. Please allow 10-20 business days turnaround time from the date of your order to receive shipping confirmation. Due to the nature of our products + healing services, we cannot offer returns or refunds. If you have any issues, please reach out and we will be more than happy to accomodate your request if possible. Please keep The Cosmic Egg under 72 degrees ambient temperature in order to preserve integrity. 

We can't wait for our small batch wellness to get to you.