Cosmic Eye Herbal Ghee Bath

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The Cosmic Eye Herbal Ghee Bath is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. Warm custom herbal-infused, grass-fed and biodynamic ghee is gently poured over your closed eye until covered. Then, a transformative eye massage using the ghee nourishes and melts tension directly through the optic nerve, with the ability to relax and strengthen the whole system. Sound and gemstones on the body ground and center the client.

The Cosmic Eye Herbal Ghee Bath has the ability to change your perspective and your whole nervous system. What have you taken in visually that you want to let go of? The Cosmic Eye allows release so you can see what you need to see and go about in this world with more ocular presence.

The Cosmic Eye also: *relieves eyelid tension *eases stress  *beautifies lashes and delicate under eye skin *revives natural lustre *enhances vision depth *improves memory *eases dryness *removes eye toxins and floaters *relieves whole body tension *reduces puffiness or irritation *promotes better color perception *eye surgery/allergy relief *allows a new way of seeing!

Come enjoy this profound technique suited to our increasingly visually stressful world. You will leave enriched and strengthened in a way most have never experienced. The eyes are truly connected to the soul, the heart, and to our emotional lives..  

$95 // 1 hour



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