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The cosmic egg

awaken the divine



The act of using the cosmic egg is an invitation- not only to awaken the divine within you but to craft an intimate knowing of your pussy and her feels.

//Co-create your reality through deeper intimacy and self-love.

//Share with a partner for birth or pleasure.

//Keep to yourself as a nightly sexual self care ritual and bless yourself.

//Restore your pussy to vibrant emotional, spiritual, and physical sexual ecology.

product details

  • sexual self-care ritual
  • one 250ml of 35 eggs in ultraviolet glass
  • four distinct blends: //original//pleasure//birth//restore


Arcline Radiant Breast

Massage Oil

for balance and release



Create hormonal balance + lymph release through magnetic breath and breast self-massage, for the heart + soul and your radiance.

product details

  • 50ml ultraviolet glass
  • features: violet leaf and flower, st. john's wort, calendula, marshmallow and essences of rose gold, opal, and moonstone

Goldenrod Penis Oil

beautify and anoint



Created for penis massage with your partner or lover, solo for pleasure, or to beautify his penis and anoint his masculine beauty; relaxing and luscious.  

product details

  • 50ml ultraviolet glass
  • features: flowering goldenrod, st. john's wort and essences of obsidian and black diamond




Pussy Anointing Oil

restore + release



anoint the inner and outer elements of your pussy to restore, release, and beautify; great for solo or partnered pussy massage and breathing, balances dark + light

product details

  • 50ml ultraviolet glass
  • features: blackberry leaf, smoked vanilla bean and essences of smoky topaz, carnelian, and howlite

Fourchette Birth Initiation Oil

pre-birth pussy connection



perfect for perineal massage + anointing to connect to your pussy pre-birth

product details

  • 50ml ultraviolet glass
  • features: wild red roses, primrose and essence of angel quartz

The Vibrant Pulse Tonic

vulva elixir



a daily/weekly elixir to mist on your vulva + mons;brings relief, bacterial and yeast balance, and cooling moisture

product details

  • 30ml ultraviolet glass
  • features: motherwort, marshmallow root and essences of chalcedony and jasper
  • $30